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Time certainly does fly by. It’s now almost June and we’re getting towards the halfway point of the year!

It’s sometimes when you’re half-way through either the calendar or fee earning/sales year, you notice that one or more of your team isn’t delivering. You want to correct the situation, but you have nothing on paper setting out the person’s targets. Like many businesses, you may be making a common error – trying to run a business without a sales plan.

You can’t manage results. You can only manage the activities that lead to those results. A sales plan is focused on how you’re going to specifically reach your fee income/sales goals, whether it’s by acquiring new business or by growing existing business.

A sales plan is a practical tool that you can use to proactively manage your sales team and document what is expected of them, If it’s not written down, it’s not going to happen. I’ve seen this time and time again in almost 25 years of Sales experience.

So how can you turn things around? I’d recommend considering these pointers to put together a winning sales strategy:

Make sure your plan is simple, concise and easily revised. Keep in mind that it’s a document you need to revisit on a regular basis in order to track ongoing performance.

Stick to what is measurable, so that you can easily monitor progress, i.e. number of calls, prospects, account reviews, client referrals and leads.

Along with a company-wide sales strategy, be sure that every sales team member has an individual sales plan. Consider key factors such as the nature of the territory and sales representative experience. Adjust goals accordingly.

Ask sales team members to devise their individual sales plans; this ensures that they are accountable for their commitments and helps them set realistic and attainable goals.

Ensure each sales team member develops specific tactics; i.e. “I will hold 12 seminars in order to attract 136 potential clients.”

Or, “I will send 35 letters a month to existing clients to offer them our new product.”

Ensure your sales people have “stretch” goals that challenge them personally and keep your business growing.

The plan should have the right balance of “hunting”, which is acquiring new business, and “farming”, which is developing existing business with current clients. “Farming” can be a more cost-effective use of your sales team’s time because the client relationship has already been established.

Don’t forget the skills development component of your plan. You should document what skills your sales people need to improve in order to bring your company more business. For example, a team member might need stronger presentation or negotiation skills. They can then seek out seminars or other learning opportunities to develop those skills.

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Mervyn continues to be great support to both myself and the business in achieving our growth ambitions. We have benefited hugely from his forward thinking, guidance and energy and look forward to continuing this in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mervyn and Cameron Carnegie if you have plans to scale your business.

Ian Joy , Managing Director ERG Scotland Ltd

Once we decided to source training for our Business Development and Account Management teams, we turned to Cameron Carnegie for assistance. I was initially a little apprehensive about the training taking place digitally, but Merv delivered an excellent, engaging training course really ensuring that he took time to involve each member of our team, providing them with simple tools to use going forward. I was genuinely blown-away by the improvement across all of the team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cameron Carnegie if you are looking to improve the performance of your Sales Team.

Matt Nicoll , UK Commercial Manager Swire Energy Services

"We engaged Cameron Carnegie to undertake some bespoke training to upskill the team in the areas of Sales & Account Management. The solution was tailor-made to suit our business and we are all delighted with the results which have been easy to quantify and measure. We would definitely engage Cameron Carnegie on similar assignments and would have no hesitation on recommending them."

Scott McIlwraith , General Manager - Renewable Energy Kuiper

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