Thinking Ahead Of Your Business Plan

You’ve carefully put together a detailed schematic of your business, from sales strategy and corporate structure down to your preferred colour palate for your engaging marketing material. Is anything missing? Be sure your plan doesn’t overlook these three crucial elements.

Identify differentiators. 

Most business owners know what they do well. But it can be challenging to stake your business on being good at, say, customer service, if your competitors are able to offer similar – or superior – levels of attention.
Instead, consider what sets you apart from your rivals; what are you better at offering customers, or what do you offer that they don’t. This may not be as important when you are first starting out, but as your business grows these types of differentiators may help you stand out in a crowd. So while it’s always good to know your strengths, it may be just as important to know what you do better or differently. In business, it’s rarely what you do that matters but rather how you do it. Hotels, for example, all offer rooms with a bed and a bathroom. They differentiate by offering experiences beyond those basics, such as a Express check in/out, SPA, VIP service, better food, Free WIFI etc.

Plan for change

It’s hard to know where your company will be at the end of Y1, let alone in 5 years… One thing you can be aware of though, is that there is a decent chance the general business environment will have changed. Try to anticipate the eventual need to make adjustments to your business plan. Create a process that will allow you to take stock of how your industry has shifted and react accordingly. This will help you to avoid a certain tunnel vision and incorporate frequent reviews of your business practices to let you be aggressive when success depends on making quick adjustments.

Check your measurements

Almost any good strategy is driven by data. Whether your goal is to be the best in your industry or to increase the efficiency of every department in your organisation, you’ve likely determined a measurement system to know how close you are to getting there.
Measurements are an objective way to tell how well your business is performing, but they only work if you’re using relevant benchmarks. Check in periodically to ensure you’re examining the right indicators of success – such as a 40 percent increase in the number of unique visitors to your homepage year over year. This can be especially necessary if you’ve been in business for a while or the focus of your operations has evolved. Writing a business plan that includes the small things, such as the details on how to revisit your corporate identity and a plan for change and to improve your measurables, can help you stay focused on your end goals and give you a greater opportunity to achieve them sooner rather than later.


Mervyn continues to be great support to both myself and the business in achieving our growth ambitions. We have benefited hugely from his forward thinking, guidance and energy and look forward to continuing this in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mervyn and Cameron Carnegie if you have plans to scale your business.

Ian Joy , Managing Director ERG Scotland Ltd

Once we decided to source training for our Business Development and Account Management teams, we turned to Cameron Carnegie for assistance. I was initially a little apprehensive about the training taking place digitally, but Merv delivered an excellent, engaging training course really ensuring that he took time to involve each member of our team, providing them with simple tools to use going forward. I was genuinely blown-away by the improvement across all of the team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cameron Carnegie if you are looking to improve the performance of your Sales Team.

Matt Nicoll , UK Commercial Manager Swire Energy Services

"We engaged Cameron Carnegie to undertake some bespoke training to upskill the team in the areas of Sales & Account Management. The solution was tailor-made to suit our business and we are all delighted with the results which have been easy to quantify and measure. We would definitely engage Cameron Carnegie on similar assignments and would have no hesitation on recommending them."

Scott McIlwraith , General Manager - Renewable Energy Kuiper

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